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To prepare, they got body wraps and IV fluids packed with vitamins that were supposed to make them “glow.” (Sure.) Maryse went a step further and did a cleanse — which turned out to be a terrible idea because by the time the photo shoot rolled around, she was so hungry that she had zero energy and was being a total beast to everyone there.

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But I think you can’t just give up your career to be a good wife.

I think being a good wife is doing what makes you happy,” Nikki told Brie.

Renee could tell Dean was uncomfortable and ultimately decided they were better off at a dive bar.

On their last night, they went to a much less formal place, where Renee was thrilled to find that Dean — now much more comfortable — was actually romantic.

On Tuesday, Bella shared a photo of her WWE costume on Instagram with a message to fans that supported her throughout the years.